Introduction: Healthy Eating made Simple and Efficient

With the New Year around the corner healthy eating is going to be on most of our New Year’s resolution lists.  But how many of us will be successful at consistently eating healthy in 2013?

Eating healthy is challenging

Let’s face it,  the process of getting healthy meals on our plates is not always easy.   When we cook at home, we face two big issues:

1. Cooking is time-consuming

cooking time consuming

In order to cook at home we have to plan, buy groceries from one or more grocery stores, prep, and cook.  This process takes time.

2. Cooking healthy is a complicated equation

cooking complex equation

USDA’s Food Plate recommends that we eat within a certain caloric range and ensure that our diet includes a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, proteins, grains and dairy.  These recommendations by themselves can be very complicated to put into practice.  However when you add other factors such as personal preferences (tastes, likes, dislikes), diets (Atkins, vegetarian, vegan) and other considerations (price, brand, local/organic, etc.), you end up with a highly complicated problem.

Unhealthy eating can cause serious problems

families eat porly have health problems

Families – especially with children – are constantly strapped for time.  We simply don’t have a lot of time to plan and cook healthy meals.  And even if we do, we end up getting overwhelmed with managing the complexity of eating healthy.  As a result of this we don’t always make the best food decisions.

americans, diet related diseases, healthy eating
Source: CSPI

In the US, although we have been highly successful at eradicating infectious diseases, we are now facing very high rates of diet and inactivity-related chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.  2 in 3 adults and 1 in 3 children are overweight or obese.  Furthermore, even people of normal weight are vulnerable to the risks of these diseases if they are not eating nutritionally rich diets.

The Bright Side

The good news is that the risk of these diseases can be significantly reduced by eating a healthy diet and with moderate physical activity.  In this blog I will provide advice, tips and resources for making healthy eating simple and efficient. Among others topics, I’ll cover the following:

  1. Meal Planning:  Where to find good resources for meal planning.  Tips to make meal planning easier.  How to put together nutritionally rich meal plans.
  2. Buying Groceries:  How to optimize grocery shopping.  Where to find healthy groceries.  How to minimize food waste.
  3. Cooking Healthy:  How to simplify healthy cooking.  How to cook healthy meals on a budget.
  4. Eating Out:  How to find healthy restaurants.  Helpful websites and apps that  find good places to eat.
  5. Feeding the little ones:  How to plan healthy kids meals.  How to manage picky eaters.
  6. Saving Time:  What websites offer tools, etc., to help save time in the kitchen and when eating out.
  7. Saving Money:  How to  optimize our dollar and limit or eliminate waste.  What are some good deals out there?

Your participation is key

Please post your thoughts, comments, questions and feedback.  This will not only help me ensure that I get the most relevant information to you but also help the other readers of this blog get a wider perspective of issues and topics.

Happy reading.  Thank you.


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    Thanks for the great compilation and efforts – Giri. Your story is also inspirational. Being an aware parent, I personally believe that, your child’s activity is your reflections.

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    Great content.. let me know your website is launched. Would like to know / build something more about healthy eat out options globally..


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    We must know how get healthy meals and it is very helpful for my meal planning easier. It is a big help for my healthy lifestyle, Thanks for this amazing healthy recipes.